Find an ATM Near D&D Brewery

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There are 6 locations within a 30-minute radius of D&D where you can withdraw money in Honduran Lempiras from ATMs. All ATMs are located at banks. Note that these banks, the last time checked, will not exchange US Dollars–however, we can do this for you at D&D.

The best/most reliable ATM in our region is a Banpais ATM located near the gas station in downtown Peña Blanca

Please note that the ATM in Peña Blanca at the Banco de Occidente seldom works for non-Honduran ATM cards. All other locations on the map usually work fine.

Note that it is unlikely you will be able to exchange Euros or other Central American currencies (such as Cordobas or Quetzales) in Honduras unless you are at a border.

We’ve made a map for you so that you can find these ATMs without any hassle. You can open this in Google Maps on your smartphone: just click here.

Or, you can see a copy of this map here: