Private Shuttle and Transports

While we love “chicken buses,” they’re not for everyone—don’t worry, we get it! For those who would rather eat chicken on the road, and not sit next to one, we offer shuttles and private transports to destinations all over Honduras.

Shuttle Destinations

We operate regularly-scheduled shuttles during “high season,” or from ~mid-December through August 31st each year. You can book a shuttle trip online by clicking here and choosing “Shuttles to/from D&D.” During the “low season,” we also sometimes run shuttles on demand. Feel free to reach out and request a shuttle and we’ll let you know if we get enough people together for a route! We require a minimum of six people to run a shuttle route.

La Ceiba: Mondays, from D&D to La Ceiba and back.

  • Departs D&D at 3:30am (whew—coffee needed!) to catch the morning ferry.
  • Departs La Ceiba Ferry Dock at 9:30am.
  • Departs La Ceiba downtown at 9:45am.

El Salvador and Nicaragua Border Crossings: Fridays, from D&D to borders and back.

  • Departs D&D at 8am
  • Arrives to the Salvadoran border at 12pm (you can get picked up here, too!)
  • Arrives to the Nicaraguan border at 2:30pm (you can get picked up here, too!)

Private Transfers

We offer private transports all over Honduras. You can book these online by clicking here and choosing “Private Transfers”

  • San Pedro Sula airport
  • Comayagua/Tegucigalpa (XPL) airport
  • Comayagua downtown
  • Tegucigalpa
  • La Ceiba
  • Copan
  • Border with Nicaragua
  • Border with El Salvador
  • Puerto Cortes (Belize ferry port) (by e-mail request)
  • La Esperanza (by e-mail request)
  • Gracias or Santa Rosa de Copan (by e-mail request)

Or rent a car?

In late 2023, one of our trusted private transport providers in San Pedro Sula began to offer rental car service. While these aren’t brand new vehicles, they’re an inexpensive way to travel around Honduras on an excursion! All vehicles are insured but you must have a driver’s license.

  • 2013 Hyundai Sonata or similar: 1,400 Lempiras per day (approx. $56)
  • 2012 Ford Escape or similar: 1,800 Lempiras per day (approx. $83)

In example, if you plan to go to Copan Ruinas for 1 night/2 days, you would save a significant amount when renting a car instead of booking two private transfers. Please contact us via e-mail to ask about this option! Please note that we are in no way responsible for these rentals and this is a third-party service. All payments must be made directly to this provider and we would simply put you in touch with them.