Our Flexible Booking Policy

We know that when traveling in Honduras the unexpected is always possible. We want you to enjoy your vacation without any stress. So, we’ve created a flexible booking policy that we believe is innovative, open-minded, and fair to all parties:

1. More than 24 hours’ notice: If you can’t make it to D&D for any reason, please let us know with 24-hours’ advance notice. This means by 2pm the day before your stay 🙂 If you let us know with at least 24 hours’ notice, then we’re able to move your deposit to any future date without penalty. You will receive credit towards a future booking at any time you’d like. We feel this is a pretty awesome policy.

2. Less than 24 hours’ notice: whether it’s a missed ferry, an issue with bus timetables, or anything else, please just reach out and let us know. We are able to move your reservation without penalty a maximum of two days from your original check-in date. We promise to do our best to place you in the same level of accommodation you originally booked, but we of course can’t guarantee this (and any difference in room cost can be worked out upon your arrival).

3. No notice: also referred to in travel lingo as a “no show,” we, unfortunately, won’t be able to move your booking and we won’t be able to issue any credit towards a future booking. This helps us keep our room rates low; as a small lodging we simply can’t operate without guests 🙂