COVID-19 On-Site Testing

COVID Testing Requirement For Departure to the USA

Note: As of June 12th, 2022, a COVID test is NO LONGER NEEDED to fly to the USA!

Still want/need a test? COVID-19 rapid and PCR tests remain available onsite at D&D. No worries about any major disruption to your vacation schedule! Samples will be taken on-site by a nurse from a nearby town the day before your flight and your results will be returned to you the same day. This clinic is professional and reliable and I (Robert) have had several pre-travel tests from this clinic. They rock.

Cost: 600 Lps. (~$25) for a rapid antigen test. This can be paid in cash or card directly to the nurse who visits, either in USD or in Lempiras. This cost includes a nurse who travels 3km to D&D to administer a rapid antigen test as well as her time to return to D&D the same day to deliver your results. Please note that you’ll be given a paper copy of your results.

PCR Tests for Nicaragua

We also offer on-site PCR tests for traveling to Nicaragua. All other information is the same, but the cost is 1,800 Lps. (~$74). We wish we could help you get this cost down, but a PCR test is a serious undertaking and is much more involved than a rapid test. Please register your complaints with the government of Nicaragua (although they seem to be *so* receptive to feedback…). Tests are valid up to 72 hours before entering Nicaragua overland.

Availability: Testing is available Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm and Saturday/Sunday from 8am-12pm. In order to receive your test results the same day for travel the following day, the last available test time is at 2pm (Mon-Fri) and 10am (Sat-Sun).

Flexible Cancellation Policy

Remember, we have a flexible booking policy. You’ll never lose your deposit in the event that you aren’t able to travel, including due to COVID-19.

D&D is a Natural “Social Distancing” Destination

We are a lodge situated on over 2 acres of rainforest. With the exception of our backpacker dorms or shared bath rooms, all accommodations are private. There are no elevators or central air conditioning, etc. Whether you’re walking around onsite or dining in our restaurant, everything is open air.

In other words, you could not ask for a better location in which to vacation and unwind at a time like this! It should also be mentioned that all of our staff are fully vaccinated. We have also taken a number of additional cleaning and sanitization measures to ensure your safety and we feel very ready and comfortable hosting you.

See you soon!
–The D&D team