Lodge Deluxe

Lodge Deluxe
Rates from $80.00 per night

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Lodging Features

Free WiFi in Restaurant, Hot Water Shower, Private Bathroom & Shower, Towels Provided

Lodge Deluxe is our newest, nicest room! Features one queen bed, reading lamp, multiple ceiling fans, gorgeous private bath with an oversized tub, central hot water, and a unique screened-in porch with sofa set. Perfect for birders: features a wrap-around balcony.

Please note that this room does receive noise from our restaurant area due to its location on a second story; quiet hours are 10pm at D&D Sunday-Friday at midnight on Saturdays.

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Nightly Rates

  • 1-2 People

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    $80.00 per night
  • 1-2 People

    $120.00 per night
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    $90.00 per night
    Deposit Required 100%